Perspective communautaire en santé mentale – Community Perspective in Mental Health (W I)
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Homerun – Find a New Home

The Homerun program is designed to help you find an apartment or low-cost, quality house on the West Island. CPMH provides assistance throughout the process, including how to plan, research, budget, conduct home tours, and learn about tenant rights.

The Homerun Housing Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a list of decent housing at reasonable prices. According to his or her needs, the client learns how to establish and follow a monthly budget to determine their housing needs, receive the necessary assistance during the move and getting installed in the new home. A support plan is determined according to the needs of each individual.


  • To assist individuals to find low-income, quality housing on the West Island.
  • To provide assistance with the moving and setting up of a new place of residence.
  • To educate and advocate on behalf of tenants about their rights and responsibilities.
  • To educate landlords about mental health in order to promote a better understanding and acceptance of individuals with mental health problems as tenants.