Support Services

Community Perspective in Mental Health provides an essential service to active individuals struggling with mental health problems living on the West Island. Individuals receive support from a community worker, and learn to live with their particular mental health problem while facing the reality of everyday life.

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With the support of a community worker who works closely with each individual person. Each individual is considered as a whole person and unique, and a community worker develops a monitoring plan based on the strengths and personal needs. The focus is on two primary areas: first, the basic management of living, such as budgeting, nutrition, housing and activities of daily living; and second, survival techniques for mental health, such as recognition of symptoms, stress reduction, development of interpersonal skills (socialization).


The accompanying community monitoring is done over a long period of time as a mental illness is often a long struggle. Home visits are made as often as necessary (usually once a week), and for as long as the need arises, usually for several years. During this time the CPMH seeks to make the person as independent as possible. Community workers may be contacted at the CPMH office from 8:30 am to 16:30 pm, Monday to Friday. However, they can have a more flexible schedule throughout the week.


Community monitoring is available at the home of the person and their environment. The key to our support is that it takes place in the midst of the everyday life of the individual, where the struggle for mental health is actually being lived.


Adults aged 18 to 65, residing in the West Island, in the Montreal area, with significant chronic mental health problems such as chronic depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar affective disorder, among others. Community Perspective in Mental Health has some exclusion criteria and reserves the right to accept or reject any reference after evaluation.