About Us


We are a community organization dedicated to helping people with mental health problems achieve their fullest potential while meeting the challenges of everyday living within their community.

Through a personalized relationship founded on mutual respect and trust, individuals receive the support they need to improve their quality of life.


The distinctive feature of our organization is its philosophy. We offer a personalized service tailored to each client’s need, and is provided with human warmth and in an informal and friendly setting. Our aims are the improved well-being and the autonomy of the individual: we endeavour to improve his/her quality of life.

Our philosophy is that a person must be viewed as a multidimensional entity, with biological, psychological and social needs. For us, all aspects of a human being are interrelated: physiological as well as social and environmental considerations influence psychological well-being. We make every attempt to avoid ghettoizing our clients or forcing them into narrow categories.

At all times we respect the autonomy of our clients. Service plans are made in collaboration with the client rather than for him/her. The community worker’s role is to support the person in his or her own efforts and to help them clarify their choices. As well, the work is focused on the client’s strengths.

Our goal is to help each person maximize his/her skills and develop to his/her full potential to live autonomously as a full member of society.

About the CPMH Team

Director: David Ronai

Board Of Directors 2018


Michael Netto, President

Farinaz Haghighat, Vice-President

Mark Walford, Treasurer

Alexandra d’Avanzo, Secretary

Patrick Merrigan, Administrator (from the staff)

Lucie de Bellefeuille, Administrator (from the clients)

Nada Chalaby, Administrator

François Blanchard, Administrator

Karen Knechtal, Administrator (from the clients)